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[stands on a table and rips off shirt to reveal daimon masaru cosplay]

I LOVE DIGIMON SAVERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





I can hear my neighbour in the room beside me having very loud interactions with someone else (grunting, saying of dirty phrases, and lots of vigorous bed movement) and i’m just here sitting in my onesie eating pop tarts trying to watch pokemon

oh they must be redecorating
my neighbors redecorate all the time too

I just heard
"oh yeah baby, I like that" 

sounds like your neighbour is good at redecorating

Make me choose between ___________ or __________.

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If KPOP Fandoms Were Cities
Blackjack City:
Boomboxes on every corner, where the inhabitants wear crazy yet cool hairstyles, drive really fast in racing cars, and wear sunglasses, even at night. "I Am The Best" bumperstickers are on every car. A lot of inhabitants have families in A+ City but Blackjack City is very friendly with VIP City inhabitants.
A+ City:
Everyone is a ninja, every restaurant is a buffet, Engrish waffurs are the breakfast of choice, mailboxes are named Pigeon Folders. City is under the watchful eye of the much larger and powerful Cloud City.
Hottest City:
Temperature is always 100 degrees so male inhabitants never wear shirts. Gymnastics are a required course in schools. Everyone starts their conversations by whispering 'JYP.'
Elf City:
Everyone dresses in drag every Friday. There are no dogs: Only turtles are allowed as pets. Every morning, every citizen gets a "Good Morning Beautiful World" wake-up call. Sone City inhabitants love to visit very often. Many different neighborhoods within the city, including: M Neighborhood, KRY Neighborhood, and Happy Neighborhood. Radio shows are more popular than TV.
Baby City:
Everyone has blonde hair. There are no dogs: Only bunnies are allowed as pets. Everyone also has a buddy robot. Everyone believes in aliens.
IAm City:
Men are buff and dress as women when in public. Is the neighboring city next to Hottest City. Voice classes are mandatory after inhabitants turn 3.
Everyone shuffle walks in their dancing shoes. When greeting someone for the first time, you must strike a Doo-pose. Fiction books are the only books read. Sometimes will mingle with A+ City.
Diadem City:
Everyday they shufflin'. There are zombies that come out at night and you are not safe unless you travel in packs of 7. Native American costumes are forbidden.
Shawol City:
Everyone eats nothing but chicken. Everyone is super curious and also greet newcomers with a "Hello Hello" in singsong voice. Sone City inhabitants love to visit Shawol City randomly. Dinosaurs, although rare, are the pet of choice. Dance classes are required by all residents the moment they can walk.
KissMe City:
No one drinks water: Only Redbull is allowed for consumption. Pigeons are the pet of choice. 'Dora the Explorer' is the #1 most viewed TV show in this city for some reason. Everyone knows Korean and Japanese. Everyone's brain is connected directly to Twitter's server.
Andromeda City:
Very young city that loves neighboring Noona cities. Love soup. Only Shinhwa songs are allowed to be played in public.
Sone City:
Nothing but women. Men are not allowed in the city but Sone City residents freely visit Shawol City, Elf City, and Exotic City very often.
Exotic City:
Everyone really loves their mamas. There are 2 moons over the city for some unknown reason. Monks chant in the streets and ninjas patrol the city at night. History is the only topic taught in schools. Two large neighborhoods: K Neighborhood and M Neighborhood. Trashcans in other cities confuse Exotic City residents.
VIP City:
Everyone has multi-colored hair or hair extensions. Toy stores are a BIG deal. Only credit and debit cards are accepted by merchants: cash is thought dirty. Sharpeis are the pets of choice. There are no cars, only tanks. Nightclubs are open 24-7.
Cloud City:
All men are ninjas. When it rains, every man takes his shirt off and goes outside for no reason. . Is the larger, more advanced neighbor city to A+ City.
Angel City:
Cats are the pets of choice. No one is allowed to wear anything that is NOT Evisu brand. Everyone drinks TiO tea and plays Mario Kart. Everyone chuckles "hyuk hyuk hyuk" when something is funny. Acting and dancing are mandatory courses in school. Used to be a part of megacity Cassiopeia City before the two cities were split.
Cassiopeia City:
All inhabitants wake with the rising sun. Everyone is super tall and leggy. Dancing is a mandatory course in school. Next to Angel City, but the bridge that used to connect them was blown up and never repaired. Maybe one day it will be.
JayWalker City:
Used to be near Hottest City and IAm City but relocated. Everyone has tattoos by their 10th birthday. Everyone has mandatory workout sessions from 3-5pm every day. Their minds, like KissMe City residents, are also hotwired to Twitter.
PrimaDonna City:
Everyone wakes up with a "Good Morning Bob" wake-up call. "Kupai kupai" is the way to say goodbye. Everyone must learn to play an instrument. Dancing is discouraged but not banned. Right next to BOICE City, which confuses other cities because the two look like one big city and sometimes they cannot tell residents apart.
Dalmate City:
Has the most E.R. facilities in the world. Car accidents are never fatal. Shirts are optional for all inhabitants.
BBC City:
Derp capital of the world. Dreadlocks are required to be worn at least 3 months of your life. Kitties are the pets of choice. Known for it's large annual Cucumber Festival. Mixtapes are given away at every street corner.
Right next to PrimaDonna City. There is no border. It is common for inhabitants of both cities to get lost in the other city, and no one cares or notices, since everyone considers themselves a loner. Everyone can play the guitar. Busan accent is common for some reason.
PlayGirz City:
Everyone learns how to band march in school. All inhabitants stay in the city until they graduate and then they leave.
Inspirit City:
Everything is synchronized and no one is ever late for anything. No matter what skill inhabitants are good at, they still practice it 6 hours a day. Rollover car accidents are common, but no one gets hurt, as all inhabitants are "jumpers": they can move from place to place within a certain yard radius with lightning speed.


that was funny but i don’t like you so i’m not gonna laugh

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"hates a strong word"


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